Conference abstracts to be sent to:

Dr Claudia Marquis:


Abstract length: there is a word limit of 250-300 words for abstracts


We invite proposals for papers and creative submissions that tackle how new cultural and literary formations have emerged in the modern Commonwealth, or ways in which writing and culture address this pluri-form modern order. The following list of topics is indicative, not exclusive. We are keen to receive proposals for linked or associated papers from panels of speakers.


  • ‘Unheard of things’: Indigenous languages and literatures.
  • ‘Imaginary Homelands’: migration, metamorphosis and nostalgia.
  • Living on the edge: islands and beaches.
  • Nationhood, nationalism and internationalism.
  • Transnationalism, regionalism, south-to-south relationships.
  • New migrants, refugees and cultural transplantation.
  • Racism and tribalism.
  • New definitions of race, ethnicity and language.
  • Colonial vestiges and ruins: monuments, public spaces, architecture.
  • New spaces, identities and/or hybridity.
  • Cosmopolitanism, or ‘cosmopolitical community’.
  • Travel writing: beyond mapping and canvassing empire.
  • Sports alliances, rivalries and competitions.
  • Redefining magic realism and fantasy; reclaiming myth.
  • Building ‘houses’ of literature.
  • ‘World’ and ‘Nation’ literatures.
  • The multicultural text; or Comparative Literature within the Commonwealth.
  • International and local publishing and national/regional/global book prizes.
  • Creative and critical collaborations.
  • Political transitions and new economic alliances.
  • An eco-critical commonwealth.
  • Post-imperial imaginaries.

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